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Torrance Private Tutoring Recommends Learning Environment for Students

Private tutoring from Fortune Tutoring is the ideal way for Torrance students to make the most of their learning environment at home or elsewhere. We provide a full range of math tutoring, from arithmetic to algebra all the way to calculus, science tutoring, including biology, physics, and chemistry, and humanities tutoring, including English. In addition, SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP exam prep services are available in home at your student's convenience. We also provide homeschooling.

In Torrance, many of our tutors recommend parents help their students establish a “learning area” specifically designed for homework, studying, and where tutors can easily guide and mentor students in private tutoring. In many cases, this is simply an area sectioned off in the living room of the student's house, where in home tutoring can take place comfortably with minimal distraction. However, there are other options to consider when designating a learning area for your student.

Sometimes a student's home may not be the right environment for in depth learning and instruction, say from a math tutor helping a student with pretty intense word problems. An algebra tutor or a calculus tutor is going to have difficulties in an environment that is not conducive to learning, especially homes where many family members share living quarters or common areas. In this case, the local library with it's quiet areas may be a good option. Conversely, a student's bedroom nowadays is not always an ideal location for a learning area. This is a student's most private quarters, and unless the chemistry tutor, biology tutor, English tutor, or any other tutor is a very trusted mentor to this student, this sacred space should not be breached.

No matter where a student's learning area may be, the best bet is a location that is quiet, free from outside distraction, and has convenient access to a desk, a computer and a printer. SAT prep practice tests often require a fair amount of desk space, so it's ideal to have an ergonomic, convenient desk area for the student. Even an area rug in the living room can suffice. As long as both the student and tutor are comfortable, both are free to engage in the learning process and make the most of the learning area, leading to better results for the student and better sessions for the tutor.

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