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High School statistics, often taken during a student's junior or senior year, is a culmination of mathematics designed to analyze hard data in the form of numbers, charts, and graphs. Without any real world experience, the typical student may find this form of math challenging without the aid of a statistics tutor. Statistics tutoring is designed to show the student how to arrive at data using mathematics already learned like algebra and then interpret the importance of said data. Common mathematical principles used in everyday life, like probability, mean, median, and mode are the cornerstone of statistics. Students interested in the fields of economics, accounting, or public office would benefit greatly from statistics tutoring.

If your student is struggling with understanding statistics, a statistics tutor from Fortune Tutoring can help. Our tutors get to the root cause of the student's struggle with statistics, and arrive at a customized plan for interpreting data and solving complex word problems. It's not enough just to give answers or have an experienced tutor go through the work of solving a problem without explaining the steps to the students. A tutor needs to be a mentor. Someone the student can trust and respect. A person that can show the student how learning can be fun and empowering. Someone who is passionate, like the statistics tutors from Fortune Tutoring.

Our tutors come to us from the best Universities in the nation, such as UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, and NYU. We carefully pre-screen all tutors for competence in their subject matter, plus personality, teaching style, and overall passion for learning and tutoring. We do this so that each and every tutor on our team is able to properly serve as a mentor for every student that struggles with any form of mathematics. After all, we want the best for your student and we love seeing your student succeed.

Below are some of the concepts that our statistics tutors specialize in:

  • Statistical Distribution
  • Mean, Median, and Mode
  • Correlations and regression
  • General Probability
  • Confidence intervals
  • Null hypothesis
  • Factorials and Permutations

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