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Mentoring is Our Approach to Santa Monica Private Tutoring

What is mentoring? For Fortune Tutoring, it is providing Santa Monica with private tutoring that fosters a passion for learning within students. Our tutors specialize in a variety of subjects and standardized tests. Math tutoring includes algebra all the way to A.P. calculus. Science includes biology, chemistry, and physics. Our English tutors can improve your student's essays and term papers.

Concerned with upcoming SAT's? Our SAT prep tutors can help your student better understand the SAT, not just know the answers, so your student will be better equipped to handle the test.

Private tutoring in Santa Monica has greatly improved thanks to Fortune Tutoring's concept of mentoring. To Fortune Tutoring, in home tutoring presents a unique opportunity to uncover a solution to an all too common problem: the student struggling in school. Mentoring takes a whole new approach to common tutoring. A math tutor is not just a tutor. They are a friend and an inspiration for the student. An algebra tutor or a calculus tutor is more than just an older brainiac. They are a solution to a puzzle and a spotter for hefty mathematics. An English tutor is more than a wordsmith. As a mentor, they become an orchestra conductor, guiding the student through movement after movement of carefully constructed sentences. And a science tutor, such as a chemistry tutor or biology tutor, becomes a source of passion for experiments, data, and scientific conclusions.

Consider an SAT prep tutor as an example of how mentoring works. As the years have gone by, the SAT has continued to evolve and change. It has become more particular and in some ways, more challenging. So other than the old fashioned study, take and retake method, how can a student excel at the SAT? By employing the right Santa Monica tutor, your Fortune Tutoring expert will guide you through the test, step-by-step, and make sure all your questions are answered. Once the student has understood and mastered the format of the test, it's on to SAT question preparation and strengthening of specific subjects that are a bit tougher for the student. The process takes time but the results are worth the extra time spent having your student get to know the tutor and vice versa.

Mentoring a student is more than just getting better grades and test scores. Mentoring sets the foundation for what aims to be a bigger, brighter future ahead.

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