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Pasadena Private Tutoring is on the Rise!

Today, more and more parents are seeking private tutoring in Pasadena for their children, regardless of cost or income. Fortune Tutoring provides all students, regardless of grades, with a comprehensive range of tutoring services, test prep, and homeschooling. We welcome all families to discover our range of math tutoring, from algebra to A.P. calculus, science tutoring including biology, chemistry and physics, and Humanities including English literature and history. Also, we offer tutoring for the SAT prep, ACT prep, and Advanced Placement subject examinations.

Once originally thought of as something for the upper class, private tutoring in Pasadena and elsewhere in Southern California is seeing a dramatic rise from the middle class and those who may have been originally thought to be priced out of tutoring. Today, tutoring is competitive as ever, and that's why Fortune Tutoring has such a selective process in handpicking the tutors who work with us. Our tutors are mentors, and they do more than just instruct students. They listen to students, they answer questions, and most importantly, they ignite a passion for learning.

Tutoring is on the rise because it works. When a student has a mentor, they no longer view learning as intimidating or scary. With a mentor at their side, a student feels they have an edge among their classmates. SAT prep is a fine example of an area where high school students need an edge. College admissions is extremely competitive and the typical high school student might feel like a chicken with their head cut off trying to study for the SAT on their own. With the right SAT tutor, a student's scores can see a change. And while the in home tutoring is the reason the scores improve, it is the student that ignites their own passion for learning and creates the score increase on their own.

Back in the classroom, tutoring for mathematics has seen the most dramatic rise. It seems everyone is seeking a math tutor, be it an algebra tutor or even a calculus tutor. Plus, many math based sciences have seen a rise in the demand for tutoring; so many students are also seeking a biology tutor or a chemistry tutor in addition to help in math. While demand for an English tutor has seen the least dramatic rise, there are still plenty of students in need of writing assistance and help with vocabulary improvement. With that in mind, our hats go off to our tutors. They are honest to goodness mentors, making a dramatic difference in the lives of their students.

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