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There is no other subject that students struggle over more than mathematics. Regardless of skill level, attentiveness, and desire to improve, many children and teenagers have some kind of anxiety over math.
If you are concerned about your math grades, be comforted knowing that you are not alone. Our expert math tutors can help you through each and every level of math.

Is your student struggling with the basics of math? It's nothing to be ashamed of. Many students have difficulties with all forms of math. That's why each and every math tutor at Fortune Tutoring can patiently walk your student through the fundamentals of mathematics, step-by-step, as your student steadily increases their understanding of math. Just as math tutoring is ideal for students who “just don't get it”, it is also ideal for students looking to raise C's to B's and B's to A's.

If there is any mathematics subject that students seem to struggle the most with, it's algebra. The tutors at Fortune Tutoring understand this completely. Your student's algebra tutor will act as a mentor, going over problems with you at your own pace. Solving for “x” never seemed easier!

They say Geometry is a visual math. Math for people who do not grasp math easily. Regardless of how you interpret geometry, some students still have difficulty comprehending its fundamentals. Your Geometry tutor from Fortune Tutoring will go over every aspect of Geometry your student is struggling with, from congruent triangles and parallel lines all the way to polygons and area and volume of figures.

Why study triangles? To understand how other structures work. Trigonometry has numerous applications in the scientific and engineering world. If you are having trouble with triangles or challenges with chart graphing, our expert math tutors can show you a better way to learn and understand trigonometric principles.

Calculus (Thru A.P.)
Students who study Calculus are often more interested and fascinated by math, but that doesn't mean they won't get a bout of occasional frustration over certain aspects of this complex subject. The calculus tutors at fortune tutoring are here to help. Your student's pre-calculus tutor will review the fundamentals of trigonometry while gradually stepping you into the world of calculus. If you can't tell a derivative from an integral, our calculus tutor and A.P. Calculus tutor will carefully guide you through these unique mathematics processes, include the complicated algebra that follows them.

Statistics (Thru A.P.)
There is a common misconception among high school students that statistics is an easy subject that anyone can coast through. That simply isn't true, and there are plenty of students that need a mentor to assist them in improving their statistics grades. Look no further than Fortune Tutoring. Our math tutors are also skilled in statistics, and can break down any complicated theories and word problems into simpler steps that any student can use on their own.

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