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Long Beach Private Tutoring: Focus on Youth Development

Private tutoring from Fortune Tutoring can aid in the development of your student, providing them with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn. We offer tutoring in most school subjects, including mathematics, from arithmetic to algebra and calculus; science, including biology, chemistry, and physics; English; humanities, like U.S. history and world history; and exam preparation for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and several A.P. Exams.

Educators in Long Beach agree: it's important that students from elementary school to high school continue their education after school hours. Whether it's day care, homework help, or private tutoring, it is crucial that students focus on self-improvement, warding off negative influences like street gangs and drugs. That's why placing an importance on youth development is so crucial. And one of the best forms of youth development comes from in home tutoring.

For students who have only one biological parent at home, or students whose parents both work long full-time hours, a tutor can be an important figure that can fill the necessary gaps in fueling the desire to learn and improve in school. A math tutor can help a student make sense of what only may seem like numbers in a series of positions or patterns. An algebra tutor or a calculus tutor can make a world of difference in a student's math career. A science tutor, such as a biology tutor or a chemistry tutor, can take a challenging experiment a student started in class and unearth an excellent conclusion, doing away with confusion. An English tutor can turn a student on to all sorts of poetry, short stories, and novels, ideal for students to enjoy when at home not working on any specific projects.

The important thing to remember is that tutoring enhances the learning students receive in the classroom. It answers questions not fully answered by teachers and parents. It prepares students for important examinations, such as SAT prep. Above all, tutoring prepares students for an academic life in community college, university, and even graduate school and doctoral studies. And that kind of preparation further enhances a study's readiness to take on the real world, ultimately the kind of development they truly need.

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