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On the surface, geometry seems like a simple math dealing with lines, triangles, cone, and other figures. Yet, geometry can prove a challenge. For those students able to master geometry, the potential for reward in the future is practically limitless, as numerous careers from drafting and engineering to computer programming all rely on geometry on a daily basis.

With this in mind, a great geometry tutor can be an excellent investment that can pay off dividends for years to come. The key is not just getting a tutor who is good at geometry tutoring. The real key is finding the right passionate tutor that can act as a mentor to your student. At Fortune Tutoring, we use the word “mentor” often to describe the fine individuals that assist are students. The fact is Fortune Tutoring conducts a very intensive screening process to determine the most educated, well rounded, and passionate tutors. Because passion is what creates a stronger grade. The desire to understand and succeed. This is what excellent geometry tutoring is all about. It's not enough to know the answers and dictate them. This is homework help at best. Tutoring that works for your student is tutoring that stems from passionate individuals. Passionate individuals like the geometry tutors at Fortune tutoring.

So remember: when selecting a tutor for any subject, whether it's math, science, English, humanities, or if you need a tutor for test preparation, such as preparation for the SAT, ACT, or any AP exams, count on the team of dynamic, passionate tutoring professionals at Fortune Tutoring. Our tutors work at the pace of your student and go over all fundamental concepts as your student gains knowledge needed to improve their performance. We don't just tutor students to get better grades. We mentor students to be better people.

Below are some of the concepts that our geometry tutors specialize in:

  • Points, Lines and Planes
  • Congruent angles
  • Classifying triangles
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Circles and Polygons

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