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No matter what subject, be it math, science, history, etc., all students need to be at the appropriate reading and writing levels in order to succeed. If your student is in the unfortunate case where their reading and writing falls well below other students in the class, chances are the student may not do as well in those subjects as the others. This is where an English tutor can help.

Beyond other school subjects, an English tutor can help make your student a brighter, more well-rounded individual. That's because reading is scientifically proven to increase intelligence and vocabulary. Have you ever heard the phrase “Reading is fundamental?” It's the truth. Being able to match or exceed the appropriate reading levels can do wonders for your student. But what if your student doesn't like to read? This is where an English tutor can really help. Each English tutor from Fortune Tutoring has been pre-screened for excellence in the field of English and literature. All our tutors are passionate about what they do, and they are equally as passionate about what they read and what they recommend students read. By passing on that passion, an English tutor can ignite a student's desire to learn from reading, making reading more of a year-round habit, and even make reading fun!

In the case that your student is taking A.P. English, your student may still need a tutor to get an extra edge in the class. An A.P. English tutor from Fortune Tutoring can help your student excel in literature studies, interpretation of poetry and prose, and fine tune your student's essay and paper writing skills, so they'll even have an advantage once they enter college.

Below are some of the concepts that our English tutors specialize in:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar studies
  • Essay formation
  • Developing a hypothesis
  • Inference and logical conclusions from reading
  • Literature studies and interpretation

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