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Everyone Benefits from Culver City Private Tutoring

Fortune Tutoring provides a variety of private tutoring services to Culver City students. Our tutors offer assistance in math (everything from geometry to algebra and A.P. calculus), science (including biology, chemistry and physics), and humanities (English reading and writing, world and US history). We also offer standardized test prep services in Culver City, including preparation for the SAT prep, the ACT prep, and a variety of AP tests.

Additionally, Fortune Tutoring provides homeschooling in Culver City. Our tutors are more than just facilitators of learning. They are mentors, capable of guiding any student to success, no matter their learning speed or academic situation.

If you're a parent considering private tutoring in Culver City, read on. No matter where your student is in school, or how their test scores are, every student can benefit from private, in home tutoring. Statistics have shown that tutoring has provided not only students with poor grades better results, but also students that are already doing well in school. That's because no matter the learning style or ease of learning, tutoring can provide the much needed push in the right direction to achieve any student's goal.

For example, if a B student is not doing well in math, our Culver City math tutors can work with the student and determine the appropriate goals and formulate a plan to bring up the student's math score to match the grades in the other subjects. From there, the tutor and the student can then work together to bring the math grades even higher. It takes time, patience, and motivation. Luckily, our math tutors, from algebra tutor to calculus tutor, have all the patience and mentoring skills needed to foster the motivation needed for students to succeed. As for science, whether it's a biology tutor or chemistry tutor your student needs, Fortune Tutoring can help.

Suppose the student is a math whiz, but English is not their strong suit. Perhaps it's hard to formulate thoughts for writing or remember vocabulary words proves to be a struggle. This is where our Culver City English tutor can step in. By guiding the student through the writing process, from formulating thoughts, to outlining and final draft, the student will become more familiar with the writing process and may even find writing fun!

But what can all these grades really mean if the student is concerned about SAT scores. Our SAT prep tutor is truly a mentor, working confidently and patiently with each and every student to help them master the test, get the best score possible, and enable them to enter the college of their choice.

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