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Next to mathematics, science is the school subject that many students seem to stress over. In particular, a number of students seem to have difficulties with chemistry. However, based on feedback we've received from our chemistry tutoring team, chemistry is a subject full of intrigue and fun. That's right! Fun! Hard to believe? It doesn't have to be. With the right chemistry tutor, your student can discover an exciting world full of scientific discovery.

What makes chemistry so fascinating is the interaction between elements and compounds, and protons, neutrons, and electrons on an even smaller scale. With just the slightest change to one of these variables, you get a new element or compound. And students always wow at certain chemical reactions that happen right before their very eyes. So how do you understand the underlying scientific laws and theories that govern the unusual world of chemistry? A chemistry tutor can help. With the right chemistry tutor or A.P. Chemistry tutor, your student can discover so much more than what lies within a lengthy textbook or a stuffy lecture. The tutors at Fortune Tutoring make learning chemistry both fascinating and fun. That's because our tutors are extremely passionate about their subject matter, including chemistry. The tutors are able to displace their passion into their students, creating fascinated junior scientists ready to take on their chemistry classes, and even ace their A.P. Chemistry exam, thanks to their A.P. Chemistry tutoring.

What seems to make chemistry so challenging for many students is the apparent and frequent use of mathematics, particularly when converting units of measurements to other units. This is an obstacle that is easily overcome with plenty of study and frequent meetings with your student's chemistry tutor. The right mentor can show your student that the math used in chemistry and A.P. Chemistry is simply an expression of a very fascinating world.

Below are some of the concepts that our chemistry tutors specialize in:

  • Elements & Compounds
  • The Periodic Table of Elements
  • Chemical Reactions and Bonding
  • Solids, Liquids, and Gases
  • Oxidation and Reduction
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biological Chemistry

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